Annie's Gimmie-A-Break! Day

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When we found out that our May Gimmie-A-Break! Day winner from Schneider’s was into dance, we thought why not incorporate her love of dance into her day. After some planning, 12 year old Annie was on her way to becoming a member of the Adelphi University Dance Team for the afternoon. From practice to performing, Annie would experience a day in the life of an AU dancer.


Annie arrived on Adelphi’s campus on a sunny Saturday afternoon, with the dance team anxiously waiting outside the gym for the arrival of their new team member. After introductions, it was upstairs to the dance studio where we kicked off practice with stretching and warm-ups. Annie and the team worked on kicks leaps and turns across the floor. Then it was time to learn the dance that would be preformed at the lacrosse game later that afternoon. Annie learned original choreography used in an actual AUDT hip-hop routine and within a few hours she had it down!


All that dancing called for a pizza break, and after lunch Annie and the team changed into their uniforms and got ready for the big performance. Before you knew it, it was game time, so the team headed to the stadium to cheer on the Adelphi University women’s lacrosse team as they took on their cross-town rivals C.W. Post. At half time, Annie and her new teammates huddled up for the DT chant said before every performance. The announcer welcomed the dance team and dancers ran out on the field to perform for a packed stadium.


Annie did an AWESOME job and will always be an honorary member of the dance team. The dancers are looking forward to having her back for the AUDT summer kids clinics.


Thank you to the entire AUDT and coaches Jenna Godown and Jen Walden for making it a special day!