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Gimmie-A-Break! Day

Flying High for CF

Project Breathe

Caroline's Blankets

Breathe for Britt Foundation’s goal is to brighten the lives of those with cystic fibrosis in any way we can. We’re all about adding a little sparkle into someone’s day- individuals who live EVERY day with the effects of this life shortening, genetic disease.

Here at BFBF “sparkle spreading” takes many forms. It can be making a hospital stay just a little more comfortable for a CF patient and his or her family by providing a care package. It can be planning a special day for a child facing the day to day challenges of having a chronic illness . It can be lending a hand to a family in need affected by CF. Our mission is to share Britt’s incredible spirit of fun and generosity while bringing awareness to others about cystic fibrosis.

Join us in making the day of a child with SPREAD THE SPARKLE!