Portable Oxygen Compressor for a Local CF Patient 

The Breathe for Britt Foundation recently had the opportunity to contribute to the purchase of an oxygen compressor for a local CF patient, Roseann Grecco. Roseann, who is oxygen dependent 24 hours a day, had been basically confined to her house as the oxygen tanks she used only allowed her to go out for two hours at a time. Through the constant efforts of her mother Vicki, a teacher assistant at Boces, the Greco family learned about an oxygen compressor that can be plugged in and also run on batteries, even in the car.  The machine is very costly and her insurance did not cover this.  Vicki, family, friends and community members joined together to raise the money for the oxygen compressor so that Roseann may have a “quality of life”.

The Breathe for Britt Foundation sold our purple wristbands to bring awareness to this debilitating disease and to help Roseann.  The money  raised through bracelet sales was matched by our foundation and 100% of the proceeds from these bands went towards the purchase of the oxygen compressor.  Through the combined efforts of students and teachers at Boces Brookhaven Technical Center, BFBF and community members, enough funds were raised to cover the cost of the oxygen compressor. It has been delivered to Roseann, and she is now able to get out and about with more ease.

A HUGE thank you to Brenda, Anthony, Freddy and Joe Roth who sold the bracelets to students and teachers at their schools and in their community! They raised a tremendous amount of funds and awareness in just a few short weeks and we are very proud of them!